Friday, January 23, 2009

little joys today

i remember when my dad called me a simpleton for not knowing how to lift the hood up on my car. i don't know much about cars. if i ever need help, i'll call 1-800-BACK-U-UP. So, maybe i am a simpleton. well, maybe the barbie version (makeup, hair, nails, summer glow all year around kind, fashionable kind. so i am a little high maintenance. i just like to look as good as i feel!)

i feel that i am a simple person. i am happy to be alive and not afraid to share my feelings (which can be good and bad i guess). simple things make me happy. i don't feel that i am hard to parents may not agree with this (christmas videos bare it all). but the older i get, the more i realize that i already have everything i want. i have an AMAZING family, fun fun friends that make me want to be better, a tub that i like to fill with bubbles, memory foam on my bed, and of course, the gospel.

i like to smile. i frequently get the question "why are you smiling?" simple..i love life! i have been looking for my little joys everyday and i have come to realize that i am so tremendously blessed! here are my free joys for today:

  • waking up excited that it is FRIDAY!!

  • wearing my rainboots because it is wet outside and being able to blaze through those puddles

  • trying out new curly shampoo and mousse that Madelaine introduced me to..i woke up to a curly mane!

  • exchanging looks with Ted in Neurobiology when people make bizarre comments

  • getting a text from someone I love.... ;)

  • being thanked for opening a door

  • talking with friends at work about dating

  • realizing that i have a SUPER fun date tonight...every time i think about it, i get those jittery feelings in my stomach ;) only 2 more hours!

  • talking to mom on the phone

  • getting a voicemail from Dean... i love to be greeted as "Shemanda!"

  • hearing a happy song on Pandora

  • glancing in the mirror and seeing that my head is as bright as a lightbulb...i love blonde hair

  • getting a compliment on my shoes

  • jumping into bed and realizing that it is still warm from sleeping in it

  • understanding a difficult concept in Chemistry

  • seeing that Pookie sent me 25 texts saying "Stop whining ya big boob" ha ha i laugh out loud every time

  • finding time to read scriptures in the middle of the day

  • little moments of peace

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