Sunday, June 28, 2009

my fab five

mom bought this book called "the message." our dear friend emily davis recommended it to my mom. mom read it. then dad read it. then i read it. it was only 157 pages long, so i cranked it out in an hour on saturday night. this book is life-changing, at least with regards to things of importance. it is a true story about a 37 year old man that gets injured on christmas day and ends up going into a coma soon thereafter. he enters the spirit world for a moment and he shares his experience with us in this touching account. i got teary in several parts of his story. the things he shares rang true to me, to my soul. i love the part he shares about entering the spirit world and being welcomed by dear friends and family, celebrating his arrival. i got so excited about this! this got me thinking about my dear friends and family in my life.

my family is my fab five.
we laugh.
we fight.
we watch movies.
we cry together.
we cherish memories together
we love.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

my hero

my beautiful papa died last night. words can't describe how devastating this news was. i felt my heart crumble within. i have never known that such sadness could fill me. i wept for many hours, for i could not contain my sorrow. oh how extraordinary my papa was! he surpassed all heights in every aspect of his life. everyone he came in with contact loved him dearly. he blessed the lives of all those he knew.

papa was a well-reknowned cardiovascular surgeon. he had such a great desire to help those who could not help themselves, which is why his patients adored him. he always encouraged me to reach my full potential, telling me that i would make an excellent doctor. i believe my aspiring goal to become a P.A. began with papa, although he would want me to be the surgeon, to be the top dog.

papa was extremely generous. he was blessed with a bright mind and loving heart. he worked hard in school to become an excellent physician so that he could provide well for his family. he was blessed with much prosperity, which he shared with grace. he would reach out to those around him, to listen, to advise, to love. i have heard countless stories from people he knew about how he helped them or he knew someone who could help them. he left people feeling better about life.

papa was a spiritual giant. he had such a love for Jesus. he was always making sure that everyone was happy. he put the needs of others before his own. he believed in the Atonement, that people can truly change for the better. he was faithful in having many prayers throughout the day, thanking Heavenly Father for his family and friends. papa counseled me to read my scriptures, for there is where i would find the answers to life's difficult problems. he taught me that my testimony would grow and strengthen through the words of the prophets of old. and he was right. papa had a great love for the temple. he encouraged me to go as often as i could. this is where i could feel Heavenly Father's love and guidance.

my favorite memories of papa:

corn beef sandwiches
greenfield village
ford factory
krebs cycle story
his passion
his love for nanny
sneaking ice cream and chocolate

i loved papa and will continue to love him. i know that he is with Heavenly Father, watching over me. i know that he is serving those in heaven. this experience has been a tremendous testimony builder. i have a stronger testimony about the plan of salvation, that families are eternal, that the sealing power of the priesthood is real. i know that there is a purpose to this life. i know that i will see papa again. he is in a better place and i am grateful for this knowledge