Saturday, May 29, 2010

headed on an airplane

so this year for Christmas, we got a trip...CANCUN! we were so excited. we got our passports, luggage tags, i practiced my spanish...then dad broke his ankle a couple weeks before the trip. so we postponed it for a month. well the weather there is terrible. so now we are going to HAWAII!! haha funny huh? we are staying in Ko Olina...not quite sure where it's at. but i do know there is sand and ocean! i laugh at the thought that we are going to the laie visitor's center in a few days as the tourists and in a couple months, i will be tour giver. i'm so excited to go experience the hawaii lifestyle before i am thrown into the mix...i'm not big on surprises. plus, nobody in the family has been before!!

we are staying here:

things we plan on crossing off our list:

eating legit hawaiian food...authentic pork, shaved ice, coconut pancakes to name a few

finding a gorgeous muu muu for my farewell...i wanna look the part

laying by the ocean, getting kissed by the sun

going to pearl harbor, pcc (which, i found out, i will be giving tours at...score!), laie visitor's center

learning to surf and hula

on another note, Heavenly Father answers prayers always. today was the best day our family has had in 8 months. i am so grateful for my relationships with my family members, for making them central in my life. i am grateful for eternal families, for the love and tears and laughter and craziness we experience together. i am grateful that i get to go spend 18 months with people who value their families as much as i do.

my older sister got married yesterday to THE most amazing man EVER!!! 

so newsflash to everyone: there is a 85% chance i will marry an island boy. i will name a select few reasons.

1. love of the family
2. sing
3. dance...the haka!!
4. love of food
5. tall, dark, and EXTREMELY handsome
6. simplicity = happiness
7. super affectionate
8. loud, lively personalities

i will hold out for an island man, for that is what i want/need. i feel good about this light that has been shed on my future husband.