Tuesday, April 7, 2009

my 25 random factoids

i kept getting those "25 things you didn't know" requests on facebook. i have been trying to come up with 25, and i found that i am weirder than i thought! i have at least 28 so far and more on the way! i'm pretty sure most people know everything about me, but here goes:

1. i tend to either skip or drag my feet...mostly my right foot. i kept getting holes in my right shoe. and now i know why.

2. i've run over a variety of animals in my car, never on purpose mind you! i have run over two cats, a bird, and a line of ducks. the duck incidence happened on the freeway...i heard THUD THUD THUD...and then i looked back in my rear view mirror and realized that i was a duck murderer...i cried until i reached my destination.

3.i have sung a solo in church...a remarkable feat for me

4. i plan time to make schedules. if i could do one thing in life, it would be to make schedules for myself and everyone else. my friend nikki asked me to help her plan her life...i was ELATED!

5. sometimes i pee my pants. well...frequently. i like to laugh and laugh hard. so sometimes i accidentally squirt..i mean, it's totally normal....right?

6. i love anything pink and sparkly... even if it is meant for a two-year old. i got pretty pretty princess for my birthday...when i turned 20....and i LOVE the jewelry and wearing that sparkly crown. i believe that i truly am a princess in some small country somewhere. OR as long as my clothes have the word "pink" on them, i am content...which is why i am obsessed with vickie's sweats. so if you are wondering why i am wearing a yellow sweatshirt that says live pink and you think it doesn't make any sense, back off! it does! it is pink and therefore makes perfect sense! pink isn't a color, it's a lifestyle!

7. i eat pommegrantes in my raincoat.

8. i believe that i am at least 25% asian...most likely chinese. chung fei (the gorgeous chinese gymnast) is my other half.

9. i can withstand any kind of peer pressure, unless the pressure is coming from my sisters. they persuade me to do the DUMBEST things ever...like eating cake when i am full, or driving by some boy's house and honking, or sending an overly flirtatious text....and other things.

10. i was on the gold medal olympic volleyball team...for special olympics. and yes, the special needs kids were better than me.

11. i can only write with uniball vision pens...either the pink, purple, or teal ones.

12 . i have a weird desire to drive somewhere for 24 hours and see where i end up...tennessee, or louisiana or canada.

13. i am more of a boy than a girl. i feel that my dad raised me to be such (he won't agree with me on this one), for he did not have howard until i was 9. so i play sports, wrestle, yell, eat like there is no tomorrow, and sometimes have an occasional burp. this is also why i prefer to have guy friends...boys eat, watch sports, and thrive on chill activities...no drama involved here!

14. i am always reading 4-5 books at once. i love learning.

15. i am a human disposal. if you put food in front of me, i will eat it.

16. i have been told that i am either extremely intimidating or extremely approachable...nothing in between. i think it's the smile that throws people off.

17. i could watch legally blonde over and over and over again. i live by that movie...ask my guy friends. everytime we have movie night, i wanna watch legally blonde. point proven...blondes can be smart and wear pink AND be taken seriously!

18.i have gangsta rhythm in my soul. i can rap with the best of 'em.

19. my freshman year of college, i did a color diet for two weeks where i only ate one color of food each day..monday was red day, tuesday was orange day...you get the picture.

20. i have a crazy obsession with rollercoasters! i have a huge desire to take a month or two off of life and go to every amusement park in America. i went to cedar point with mad five or six years ago. i have never been so happy in my life!

21. i never kissed a boy in high school. college is where kissing came alive for me.

22. i love going on long drives and finding new places and secret roads. you'd be amazed at all the amazing adventures i have been on in provo. yes, provo has its mystery.

23. i go big or go home. i love with all my heart, play until i am exhausted, laugh till i pee, and sing with gusto. i don't believe in middle ground in any aspect of life.

24. when i played softball, the umpire almost threw me out of the game because i would throw the bat. needless to say, i only played for one season. then i was done.

25. i secretly loved my big ole suburban. that monstrous vehicle could transport me and 7 other people...sometimes 8 0r 9...ANYWHERE! it was the party bus..mostly for mad and her sketchy friends.

26. i won't eat knock-off brands. i will pay the extra 85 cents to get the real brand of oatmeal or dishwasher soap or granola bars. it tastes better and the wrapping is much prettier.

27. i am addicted to yoga. i love standing in tree pose (and yes, i have mastered it now) or lying in chabasna pose. i become centered and i feel closer to God. yoga is a spiritual practice, stretching your soul and lifting your heart.

28. i should have been a teenager in the 80's. i love bright colored spandex, funky high heels, colorful headbands, and anything that shimmers in the light. i love crimping my hair and listening to cyndi lauper. and i am not afraid to bring this style back. people should embrace the color movement!

more to come...i am sure :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

music = L.O.V.E.

simply stated, i am a music lover. i have love affairs with all kinds...country, reggae, vocal, hip-hop, bubble gum pop, folk...you name it. right now i can't get enough of the vocal, you can make it though anything music.  here are my top picks for anyone needing a quick pick-me-up or thought-provoking message:

1. courage is (by the strange familiar) - i truly feel that everyone has felt pain, sorrow, frustration, hurt. this song really pierced my soul by its touching words. courage is when you make a change and you keep on living anyway. sometimes it is so hard to make that change, cut those ties, start fresh, forgive. by letting go and moving on, your soul is repaired.

2. ooo oh (by keri noble): sometimes we are attracted to people and relationships form out of hurt.  we want our pain to go away and by being with those friends and loved ones, the pain goes away for a bit, but it lingers. sometimes relationships form. and you just need to walk away, to let go. but you don't want to for the sake of the other person, for they need you. but if you are anything like me, you soak up the pain and heartache like a sponge. so you get thinking and your mind takes you to new heights, to real soul searching. and after this thinking, you are ready for more, something different. this song captures these emotions.

3. human (by jon mclaughlin): we all just want to be understood. when we only try to be understood, we forget to understand. we lose sight of the other person and what they want, feel, and desire. we end up fighting to get the other person to understand instead of taking a step back and putting on the other person's shoes.  it's a very human thing to do. we all want to be understood.

4. Beijing Huan Ying Ni (various Chinese people): this is probably the most addicting song ever. 7 minutes of Chinese drums, voices, and happiness. what more could you ask for? AND you can sing along so easily. i don't know Chinese so i make up words. i can't get enough of it.

5. Dreamer (by Kari Kimmel): This song gives me goosebumps. It is about heartache and the loss of someone you love. About someone who says he wants to give you everything, and then leaves you alone.  It is about all of the emotions and frustrations you feel when you lose someone. The singer's voice along with the piano make this song extremely moving.

6. Can't Go Back Now (by The Weepies): I love everything by the weepies.  Although this song has a feeling of making you want to go back in time and fix things, I find a greater resolve to make each day matter, to live life to the fullest. In the end, the only steps that matter are the ones you take yourself. Enough said.

7. Between the Lines (Sara Bareilles): this song is me. my mind is cruel. queen of attention to detail. i remember everything. usually good, sometimes bad. i learn to listen to the silence. i don't like to bring things up that bother me...something that i am working on. most of the relationships i have had were between the lines. nothing ever spoken out loud, just assumed. i personally don't think that things need to be decided. people who are constantly having DTR's are dumb. i think things should just unfold naturally. this is where my assuming comes into play. words are unspoken, feelings neglected, eyes unopen. there are some pros to being this kind of person, but along come several cons. this song reminds me of who i used to be, not who i am becoming. nonetheless, it is my past.

8. Forever (by Ben Harper): Forever is a long time. i can't think about it, for it hurts my head. Forever always seems to be around when it begins, but forever is never seems to be around when it ends. i want to be someone's forever. some people give their forever away easily. forever shouldn't be taken lightly. therefore, someone else's forever is my greatest desire and goal while giving away my forever is my greatest fear. i only have one forever...and it needs to go to someone who will help me get to my highest potential.

9. Where I Stood (by Missy Higgins): Letting go is very hard for me. i have never liked change or prided myself on adapting well to it. but usually, it is what i need. fresh, new, clear...emotions i love.  "You have taught me how to trust myself, and now i say to you, this is what i have to do..." this reminds me of a tim mcgraw song. you get used to somebody and how they love and what they require to be happy. you know how to provide this love, this comfort. but is it truly enough for you? this is where you feel torn...knowing that you should move on and find someone that will make you happy, but you don't want anyone else loving the other person, even though the next girl would be more capable of loving.

10. Broken (by Lifehouse): Grey's Anatomy always has the best music to accompany the situations posed on the show. this song is about being broken, barely breathing. in the pain there is healing. this is so true, and yet so hard to do, to heal. we tend to cling to something broken, something that is literally killing us emotionally or spiritually because it is what we know. we would rather be hurting that not living at all. allowing our spirits to heal takes time, with our wounds exposed. but deep down, we know that it will be worth