Tuesday, March 31, 2009

why i wish i was 7

recently, i have been able to admit that i am a homebody. sometimes i wish i could go back 10 years and live the simpler life of monkey bars, naps, and chalk. things i love about home:
  • i love to lie on dad's side of the bed and pretend to do homework, but really, i am watching NCIS with mom
  • the food at home always tastes so much better than mine
  • i love all the chaos that comes along with my family....always noise (yes, i stir the pot and sometimes create tension...not so good)
  • when there is never a dull moment
  • when dad ends an argument with "amanda, i love you. i just want you to be happy."
  • when dad decides it time for prayer and then someone says something funny and it all spirals down hill . . . 30 minutes later he says "can we pray?"
  • playing wii with howard
  • taking wacky pictures on my computer with dad. hearing him ROAR with laughter makes my soul happ
it's truly amazing how much the Lord is involved in my life. when i think about it, God has the ultimate power and control to transform my life into something better than i can imagine. certain events in my life have led me to where i am now. i had never contemplated a mission. i don't think of myself as a scriptorian who knows everything about the church. but now, everything is different. i see myself sharing the gospel, telling everyone around why i am so happy, that there is a purpose to life. i am to the point where i just want to leave, get out of here, and share what i know!!! i was thinking i would go in april 2010. and now, i want to go in december 2009.