Monday, March 11, 2013

the turning point

oh.em.gee. get this...

as i was winding down for the night, i thought to check my nursing application status. it has been almost two months and i haven't heard a single word. nada. the anxiety has been KILLING me. so i sign in and there is a new link that says i can check to see if i was accepted to the program beginning March 11. it was 11:47pm. those 13 minutes felt like 3 hours. but as soon as it was midnight, boom! i clicked the link and the amazingly beautiful rare phrase of CONGRATULATIONS was the first thing i saw. guys.... i got in! oh.em.gee. oh.em.gee! i jumped out of my bed and ran down the hallway with my computer, woke up the parents, and shared with them my news, gave them some high fives, and then ran back to my room to actually read the acceptance letter. ahhh!!!

this is such a relief to me. i have been in limbo for about a year now, not knowing what i want to do, what programs to apply to, where i should live, where to meet boys (i'll save this for a whole different post). i needed to figure out the next step. i haven't really gotten anything concrete from Heavenly Father. just a "wait, things will work out" feeling. over and over and over. let's just say it has been trying my patience. i wanted a green light or a red light. not this yellow blinking "yield" nonsense.

well guys, i am here to tell you that things work out. definitely not on my time table. but Heavenly Father doesn't want us to fail. He won't leave us in the dark. it's so interesting how our lives turn out. i thought i had mine all mapped out. color coded. time framed. the works. yet, it hasn't gone anywhere near how i anticipated it would. but, i can say i have learned so much about myself. i have had experiences in the past year that i wouldn't trade for the world. its funny...if you would have asked me a year ago if i wanted to be a nurse, i would have laughed at that crazy idea. yet...things always fall into place. always. always. always.

it is like 2:59am. i can't sleep. i am so excited that a change is coming my way. as much as i like sameness and stability, my soul has been craving something exciting. and salt lake is close enough, but far enough away to feel new, different, refreshing. man alive, have i told you how excited i am?!?!? accelerated nursing program... HERE I COME!

Thursday, March 7, 2013


THIS little devil has been sitting in front of me all day long. some of my patients really REALLY like me. they bring me boxes of the heaven sent cookies. i love them...the patients and the cookies. but i was determined to not eat sugar today. i have that resolve everyday. but apparently, i can't stick with it. even after learning all the harmful effects of sugar in my pathophys class (ain't nobody got time for diabeetus or heart attacks or premature aging), you'd think "girl, get it togetha!" haha quite the contrare. if someone led me to a cliff and then showed me a delicious yum yum treat at the bottom, i think i would jump to my death and hopefully have one functional limb to feed myself. i would die a sweet death. haha get it? moving on... i am loving the sweets. so i brought my V8 juice today to have at 3. and well...i made it till 3 with the cookies. i caved. i was a ticking bomb. it was inevitable. bound to happen. and it did. i had one. then one more. and thats all. at least i can control myself. sorta. but question...when did they become mini sized? i could stick 3 in my mouth and still have room to blow a big ole bubble with my gum. meh. times are hard for everyone i guess. these little guys are deceiving. if i was watching pretty little liars right now, i might down the whole box in the first 15 minutes...good thing that isn't on right now. as i have been writing, i did open my V8 juice. health benefits para mi. not quite as tasty as my samoas, but i am full and no longer craving the yum yums. the many challenges i experience here at work.