Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jack's Perfect Ten

i went to the gym with howard tonight. the gym on 8th now has a cardio cinema. neato. and it has amazing circulation. i was in exercise heaven. then we went to sub zero, our favorite place. he told me that he would pay for me, since i was babysitting. i obliged willingly of course. afterwards, we went to my apartment and packed up all my shoes (three bins full) to move home until i can move into the condo. THEN we came home to the parents house. and i stumbled upon papa's perfect ten.

this is fantastic, so fantastic that i will post it for you to read!!

"Jack's Perfect Ten"

1. Beauty/Handsome 1.0
2. Figure/Physique 1.0
3. Personality 1.0
4. Empathy 1.0
5. Intellect 1.0
6. Spirituality 1.0
7. Sense of Humor 1.0
8. Maturity 1.0
9. Honesty 1.0
10. Affluence/Ambition 1.0


CHEMISTRY - 2 point bonus

i was SO happy that i found this! i remember one time when papa was out here, he asked me about my love life. ha i was 18 at the time, living in the dorms with boys that either (as they put it) wanted to "fill their canteens before the mish" or read scriptures for a date. eww. gross. i told him that i wasn't interested in any boys, that i had plenty guy friends, but none that i wanted to date. he then told me about the perfect ten. when he was stake president, he would counsel the youth to follow the perfect ten plan. if you found a possible husband and he met 8 of the 10 requirements, you were smooth sailing. he then told me that physicality was big, that you need to be attracted to the boy and likewise, i needed to make sure i always looked my best. papa was big on appearance, always dressed to a tee. i have always remembered this for some reason, always wanting to look my best because you never know who you are going to encounter. some may say that i have been slacking in this area lately (i love sweats and the current trend of the punk bright-colored plaid blouse-shirt things and skinny jeans and weird headbands). but hey, i am comfortable in my own skin. and if i love how i look, then it doesn't really matter what anyone else thinks right? ha, mad and i had a discussion on what our styles are. she is definitely preppy flirty. but i cannot be categorized. some days i am punk, some days i am preppy. some days i am grungy. some days i am the all american girl, t-shirt and jeans. i can be flirty or nerdy or collegiate or businessy or country or medical or eighties. it just depends on what side of my personality is dominating in the morning. i like my unique style, as pookie would put it.