Tuesday, December 11, 2012

i'm alive.

i keep meaning to blog. i look at my old posts and relive those thoughts, learning from myself. i really think there is power in writing down experiences. since the mish, i have become scatterbrained. maybe im getting old. haha who knows? i wrote every. single. day on my mish. then i come home and i have written maybe 4 times. so much for keeping the habit alive. so, i am recommitting myself to blogging.  everything and nothing has happened this past year. i am still trying to figure out life. i am still having ridiculous boy experiences. maybe i will write a book. share what not to do, who not to date, how to not make eye contact with men at the gym. haha. my life is funny...in a tragic-boy-attracting way. one of these days, my honey bear will waltz on in. until then, i will continue collecting more stories to pull out when i need to entertain a group of people...

 i think that's my hold up to writing. every day feels the same, getting blended together in my mind. it would sound something like...today was nice. i worked. saved the world. went to the gym. ate some delish food. went to bed. rinse. repeat...except for the saving the world part...

but, then there are big deal events. applying to grad school and then not knowing if that is what i want to do. having mad back with me. my disillusionment with dating. liv being preggo. FINALLY feeling like bubbly amanda again (it's not like it took a year...oh wait...). so, after this biochem final tomorrow, i will sit down, put my memories to words. it'll be great. epic even.

as for now, im going to eat my zuppa tuscana soup and study fatty acid anabolism. sometimes i think i am smarter than i am. this material is whoooooooooooooshing over my head. say a prayer for me!