Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the unfortunate flocking

everyone always says, "as soon as you get your mission call, the boys will flock to you." i say, "ya ya....right." and let's be honest. let me tell you who has been "flocking."

  • slimy boys who just want to make out....if i didn't want to make out with you before, let alone be near you, why would now be any different? a mission sounds like off-limits to me. but for some, it is the green light.
    • example: one boy texts me wanting to come over, to watch a movie. i say no. the movie idea turns into a tv episode. once again i decline. then the 45 minute tv show turns into an episode of the office. i'd rather not. then he starts calling. this is how it always plays out:
      • 11:30 come over
      • 11:32 ??
      • 11:34 please. hurry. i'm alone
      • 11:35 first phone call
      • 11:36 second phone call
      • 11:38 i'm on my way over
      • 11:41 third phone call
      • 11:42 i'm turning my car around 
      • (understand that i don't answer any of these texts or phone calls, and yet, they keep on coming)
    • one night i explain to him that he needs to call during normal hours (understand that he used to text at 1:30 or later...he is getting better. props to him) so what does he do? he calls at 10:30 am on a saturday. i still don't answer my phone. get the hint buddy.
  • boys soliciting themselves to fill my canteen. um, can you just say gross and desperate? you boys should be ashamed of yourselves.
  • boys giving me advice about kissing. "you need to kiss as many people as you can before you go." here's food for thought: how is not kissing someone for 18 months on a mission any different than not kissing anyone for 18 months at home? what if kissing means something to me? ever think about that? i'm not kissing just to kiss. i'm not skanky.
  • random weirdos wanting to go out. is it rude that i say no? i don't think so. i don't want to waste your money or waste my time. boys always complain that girls aren't honest, that if they don't want to go out with a guy they should be upfront about it. well, i am honest abe. embrace it

so as "they" say, boys flock. but nobody i want. i know who i want. give me a tall (6'2), dark hair, pretty smile, warm eyes, suit-wearing, ambitious, temple-going man.

i know you are out there. but as mom says, it is not my time for this.

i guess heavenly father is right. i am supposed to go on a mission. haha