Friday, February 20, 2009

life comes at you fast

i love blogs. i love reading them and hearing little thoughts that go on inside people's minds. i just can't seem to find enough time for writing in mine...

i like to be busy, always doing something. i love my job. i love always helping people and assisting the doctors (busy busy). i love school and learning and making schedules to do homework. i love going to the gym and running and doing yoga and doing the rowing maching. i love making dinner from scratch. i love reading my scriptures and self-improvement books. i love painting my nails and plucking my eyebrows and curling my hair. i love seeing my dearest friends and hearing about their amazing lives. i love the temple and the peace it brings. i love ALL of these things. but tell me how to do all of this in one day. tell me how to balance myself, how to destress (i do like tanning, but this is not the healthiest destresser), how to see into the future and know that everything will work out.

i had a melt down week. i felt like i couldn't take it anymore. so, i went to starbucks to get a chai tea (thank you nikki for introducing me to these!) but, it was closed (when does starbucks close at 10?). so instead, i went to dairy queen and ordered two mint oreo shakes, one for me and one for mad. i felt much better after downing that sucker, but the lingering thoughts of doubt were still present...

it is amazing to me that all of THE biggest life choices fall into my lap at the same time....i am about to graduate, P.A. applications begin in may, mission papers could go in in october, dating... i don't even want to throw boys into this mix. at times, i just want to put these decisions aside...but i can't. this is where faith comes. i just need to move forward and truly believe that things WILL work out how they should. but what do i plan on right now??? do i go on a mission and forget about temporal things? do i finish byu and move right on to P.A. school? ahh...i'm getting a headache just thinking about this...where is my magic 8 ball? or my genie?

on a lighter note, i love Madelaine! we have so much fun doing random things. we go shopping in park city for $300 jeans, hang out with quirky boys and take pictures, make full meals, buy toilet seat covers, share a love of tanning and spoon me...basically we can do anything and have a great time.

i had these coupons for sandwiches, one was free and one was $2 off. i was SO excited to use these! i had 2, so mad and i could both get a great deal. so we go to gandalfo's to get our sandwiches. i take the coupons to the sandwich man and ask him which sandwiches we can get with the coupons. he looks at it and says, "uh...these coupons are for quiznos." hahaha i felt like THE dumbest person on the planet. i was laughing so hard, mad was laughing, and the guy stared at us like we were idiots. things like this bring us joy. i am glad we can entertain each other.

i am very happy the sun is starting to shine! two more months till summer!!!!!!!!!!

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