Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year..New Me!

January 3...well technically January 4th, 2009

I have good feelings about this year. Newness always instills new hope in me. New people. New boys. New classes. New dreams. New goals. New situations. It's not that last year was bad. I just feel that I am somewhat stuck in a rut. Now I am ready to get out of the hole and onto fresh ground. I have found that life is short. Really short. After watching The Bucketlist, I learned that if I want to accomplish something, I should just do it instead of saying "Oh, I'll for sure do this in a couple years..." No, not anymore. Here are a few things I want to accomplish this year:

  • marathon...Ogden in May and St. George in October
  • temple trips every week
  • volunteer at an old people home
  • learn to knit
  • plant a garden
  • document my life with pictures
  • do humanitarian aide...spread world peace
  • learn to play the guitar
  • influence someone's life for the better
  • be able to master the wise tree pose...i can't get this down
  • do crazy spontaneous things...not a typical amanda move
  • CRUISE...cruising 08 was a freaking blast...09 will be off the hook
  • become a 100% raw foodist
  • feel free and let loose!!
I feel extremely happy with my goals for this year. I know that now is the time to get these done. This year, I am going to record all of my happy experiences in this blog. I love pink. I live pink. Thus the name "My pretty pink life." Life is better when living pinkly.


  1. Amanda I think your blog is freaking amazing!! If anyone can do all of these things, it is definitely you! Your amazing! Good Luck. Love Ya.

  2. O amanda! i am so glad you came up with one of these! :) you are just my shining super star! love you toost!