Thursday, January 8, 2009

My nightly thoughts from ten to midnight

i am four days into school and i already want to be done...well..not the classes, just the daily routine. For example, here is a typical Monday:

class starts at 8
  • kinesiology and biomechanics,
  • neurobiology,
  • chemistry,
  • doctrine and covenants

work at 12:15 to 6ish

yoga at 8:30 pm

marathon training at 9:30

then i am supposed to do homework...... this is where i am failing in my day because i have no desire to sit and stare at words on a paper after such a long day. but like i said, i am only four days in. i still haven't made my giant homework calendar. i believe this is the reason why i am not getting anything done yet. the calendar is like my school bible. each class is color coordinated (orange, pink, teal, lime green, purple) and i put all the readings, tests, assignments, quizzes, and anything else on this calendar.

then, when i am lying awake at night, i feel guilty because i only read a few scriptures. i'm pretty sure that if i put God first, things fall into place. i know this, so now i'm gonna do.

boy am i glad that i got these feelings out!

Goal for tonight: make the calendar so that i can function! whoo!

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