Friday, October 2, 2009

dear boys...

dear boys,

after many encounters with you, i feel that i need to lay down the law.

first off, when did it ever become ok to text or call me at midnight to come over and "hang out?" we both know that this is code for cuddling and/or kissing and/or ncmos (non-committal make outs). i do not have "easy" stamped on my forehead. call me old-fashioned, but doesn't dating include going out on dates? no, this is not hanging out at your apartment or watching a movie. how hard is it to say, "hey, wanna grab something to eat?" or "wanna go on a walk?" i already have my guy friends that i hang out with and do boy things with (watching sports, etc). so yes, i will decline your invitation to hang out. i deserve to be taken out. no exceptions. if you think this is lame, are you.

second, i am a nerd. i love school and learning and studying. yes, i want to be a doctor or a physician's assistant. therefore, i am busy with school. i will not slack on my school work to hang out with you. i will not act or pretend to be dumb in order to make your ego sky rocket. i like having conversations that have substance (don't sit there and tell me how "amazing" i am so that you can get some). embrace my smartness or leave me alone.

yes, i can be intimidating. i know who i am. i am confident. i smile. i look you in the eye. i have a strong testimony of jesus and the gospel. i love church and going to the temple. i don't waste my time doing stupid things. i do not dirty text. i do not dirty dance. i do not play games. if i want to talk to you, i will. i am not a dud. i am independent. i am not clingy. i do not need to be with you every second of the day. i do spontaneous crazy random things. i enjoy laughing. i laugh a lot. i am happy. i am blunt, usually in a nice way. i am a simple person. i do like to get all dolled up every once in a while. i enjoy being feminine. if you cannot handle who i am, please back off.

like i said, i am a simple girl. i want a good boy to take me out on dates. if i like you, you will know. now seriously, am i asking too much of you?

well now that you know how i do things, man up or be gay.




  1. This is the best thing I have EVER read. All I can say is amen to that!

  2. as I was reading this i had just finished complaining to my mom about how lame boys are, and how sick i am of "hanging out" and lame-o boys. thank you for recording my thoughts. i knew i could count on you.

  3. i love it! you are awesome, amanda!